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Discover How This Self-confessed SEO Dummy Cracked The Code To
Dominating The First Page Of Google!

"Like Bolting A Supercharger On Your Marketing -- Yet Still So Simple And Cheap Anyone Can Go From Zero To Hero In Record Time!"

From the desk of:
Connor Funderburke & The Google Code Cracker

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Have you ever thought how being on that first page of Google provides you with so much more than simply free traffic?

That's because it also gives you priceless "social proof" on steroids!

You see, Google is the top search engine for this reason: searchers trust it and being on the first page of Google confers the Google Seal Of Approval.

So, when your prospective buyers see your result on that first page they assume you are one of the best in the world. . . . it's like getting a testimonial from GOD.

So just imagine if YOU TOO could enjoy first page
results just like these......

Just imagine not just getting A SINGLE entry on page one of Google . . .but two entries... or three... or four... OR even HALF of the entire first page!

All those "Testimonials From God" will make searchers think YOU ARE GOD -- or certainly the leading expert in that particular niche. So who will they trust: some guy who just managed to make it to page one with a single entry, grimly clinging on by his fingernails -- or YOU?

So, when you are Top Cat on page one of Google you will have leapt the first vital barrier to that successful first sale, leading on to a long and profitable customer relationship, because your prospective customer begins to trust you . . . loses that cynical, built in " I'm not buying anything" attitude . . . sits back and just r e l a x e s.

And you have done it all by simply leveraging the built in trust Google already enjoys.

So just imagine how your life and good fortune will lift off as powerfully and surely as the Space Shuttle when you can instantly conjure up not just simply tons of traffic, but tons of pre-qualified, relaxed, open-minded, even credit-card-in-hand, traffic who are already well on their way to saying "YES!" to what you offer, because your presence on so many slots on Google's first page has already given you an invincible aura of trustworthiness.

No need to simply imagine, because YOU TOO can do this and without spending fruitless hours on search engine optimization voodoo followed by daily tweaking and testing. Truth to tell, I havent touched any of these properties on the first page for over a year. All I do is bank the takings from all the sales they generate!

I'm a self-confessed SEO dummy: I'm simply not interested. But I am deeply interested and knowledgeable about what Google look for to preserve their well deserved reputation and I give it to them and they reward me massively.

And, because this isn't some black hat SEO trickery, I sleep soundly, without fear of being slapped out of sight -- as you will too once you start putting the priceless secrets in this course into ACTION!


The Google Code Cracker

Here is some of the exciting information you'll discover in this four part program . . .

How the internet is changing and how you can take advantage to eliminate your competition.

The 80/20 rule and how it applies to success on the internet -- particularly Google.

A brand new FREE keyword search tool for you far better than others -- including semi-defunct Overture.

How to distinguish between tire kickers and genuine prospective buyers and only attract the latter.

How to access little known, but trusted, web sites and so power your rise to the top of Google.

Bolting that supercharger on to your bum marketing. Maximizing your results for the least effort.

Using your new found skills as a Center Of Influence to create massive hands-off affiliate incomes.

Content is still King, so here's some fast and easy ways to create it.

Why video is an increasingly important part of your armory in 2009 and beyond.

How to consolidate your position as the Center Of Influence in your niche.

And much, much more!

I know what you're thinking..

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